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I am Hamid Shams, and I have a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. The focus of my studies is going to be on two parts: modeling Crowdsourcing processes and automatic control of the Crowdsourcing processes. The first part will mainly rely on real-world data gathering and Artificial Intelligence to extract realistic estimation and prediction of the Crowdsourcing processes. The second part will incorporate concepts of automatic control for real-time manipulation of involving parameters in the Crowdsourcing processes to guide the processes in the desired path.


1- Hamid Shams, Razieh Saremi, Sanam Jena, "From Zero to The Hero: A Collaborative Market Aware Recommendation System for CrowdWorkers", (pdf)

2- Razieh Saremi, Hamid Shams, Marzieh Lotfalian Saremi, Ye Yang, "Nobody of the Crowd: An Empirical Evaluation on Worker Clustering in Topcoder", (pdf)

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